The coastal park of Rimigliano

A green strip, overlooking the sea, only 7 km away from the residence, where the Mediterranean vegetation is in an exceptional variety of species, colors and shapes. From sand dunes, where the stain is shaped by sea breezes, shady forest dominated by oaks and pines, with their characteristic umbrella-shaped foliage.   

The Coastal Park Rimigliano occupies the southernmost part of the territory of the Municipality of San Vincenzo Livorno, on the border with the towns of Piombino and Campiglia Marittima. It covers about 650 acres between the sea and the railway line Rome-Genoa and is crossed, for its entire length, from NW to SE, from the main road of the Princess (SP 23), which connects San Vincenzo to Piombino. The road divides the park into two sections: one side (sea side) the band that contains trees with the coastal dune system and the beach, across the widest portion of the park, including agricultural areas, the area of the former lake Rimigliano, the mixed forest of mainly oak species that has replaced the old pine forest.
The beach, which is part of the whole large area managed by the Parks of Val di Cornia, is equipped with showers and public toilets located in specific places. From the shore you can enjoy also the fascinating view of the islands of the Tuscan archipelago. The sea is very beautiful, blue, crystal clear, with sandy bottoms and downs, ideal for swimming and bathing
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