Baratti, Populonia

Located at Baratti and Populonia are important examples of Etruscan and Roman times. Archaeological Park, which covers about 80 hectares and is visited through organized hiking, history and archeology living in a beautiful landscape and unspoiled.
Inside the park are the remains of the industrial buildings of Etruscan and a walk on the beach allows you to observe the area of an old forge.

The medieval village of Populonia, surrounded by a wall built for defense against pirates and dominated by the Rocca, the first half of the fifteenth century and houses, cobbled streets, small shops and a private museum of Etruscan and Roman artefacts found in the area and at sea.
In the Gulf of Baratti, known for the beauty of the sea and the beach, you can still find the "rosticci" residues of iron smelting in Etruscan and Roman times.
A scenic road for the entire length of the Gulf of barter and in some places it is separated from the latter by a beautiful pine forest.

The residence is about 10 km from the Gulf and is very well connected by bus.
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